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KOLT Looking for Power Electronics Design Engineers



    Statement of Purpose


    Power Electronics Design Engineer Job list

    Power Electronics Design Engineer, ANKARA

    KOLT’s Power Electronics Engineering group in Ankara is looking for skilled and motivated electrical and electronics engineers to design and develop power electronic converters. The technology developed by the KOLT is going to lead the way towards the development and the delivery of high-performance military and commercial applications. Utilization of advanced technologies such as SiC, GaN, and planar magnetics are enablers of high power density, small size, and high performance product development that will change the future of power supply world.

    The Power Electronic Design Engineering is a multi-disciplinary and a challenging role requiring over communication with the team members and seniors at all phases of a product development. In this role, you will involve in circuit level analog design, digital control system design, embedded programming, magnetics design, EMI skills, all the way to the qualifications. You are expected to demonstrate talent in understanding the complex problems, innovative problem solving skills, eagerness towards reading and learning, and good reporting skills.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    • Perform analysis, design, and simulation of power electronics converters
    • Size and select components for hardware implementation
    • Design schematic and lay out with CAD programs
    • Implement hardware and prepare effective test plans
    • Execute testing, reporting test results, and checking compliance with standards
    • Document technical data consistent with engineering procedures
    • Prepare and present technical data to internal and external customers
    • Share engineering information and promote open dialogue
    • Transfer of the relevant design data package to test and production units
    • Look for guidance from senior engineering resources

    Required Qualifications

    • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Electronics and Communications Engineering from an accredited university or college
    • Strong motivation to do research and development in power electronics field
    • Willing to work on hardware design and control of power electronic systems
    • Having developed analytical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Inclined to teamwork
    • Strong communication
    • Willing to work performance-oriented and eagerness to go beyond routine tasks
    • Good level of English

    Desired Characteristics

    • Good understanding of operational principles of power electronics converter topologies
    • Skills to analyze converters analytically and develop simulation models
    • Experience with PSPICE, PSIM, PLECS, and MATLAB/Simulink
    • Knowledge of semiconductor switches used in power electronics systems
    • Experience with PCB design software and tools such as Altium designer
    • Design experience with high power/high frequency/high density power conversion utilizing SiC and GaN devices for defense applications
    • Strong knowledge of magnetics design skills (high frequency inductors and planar transformers)
    • Experience with instrumentation and measurement
    • Knowledge of analog and/or digital control system design for power electronics converters
    • Knowledge and experience in C/C++ programming
    • Knowledge of TI 2000 series DSP controllers
    • Experience in design of analog and/or digital protection systems
    • Knowledge on EMI/EMC issues
    • Knowledge of communication protocols (RS422/485, I2C, CAN)
    • Knowledge of MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-461standards
    • Knowledge of automotive and industrial standards.
    • Strong oral and written communication skills
    • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills

    Additional Information

    KOLT offers a great work environment, professional development, challenging careers, and decent compensation. KOLT engineering group occupies a large and cozy work place in Via Green Ankara surrounded with superb social environment.

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    Do you want to work on real-time projects alongside leading scientists and engineers within an innovative company?