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DC/DC Power Converters


DC/DC Power Converters

KOLT’s power converters are designed to save space, weight, heat and cost.

Ideal for defense applications, KOLT’s power converters can reach the highest efficiency and highest reliability level possible. These systems are being checked for complete compliance with military standards. Our low and high output converters have wide dc input range thus allowing multiple and different useful features across the most military-type vehicles and applications.

Configurable, ruggedized and having standard chassis configurations KOLT’s power converters are an easy choice for the vehicle, battery, robotics, UAV, radar and many more demanding applications.

 Product NamePowerInput VoltageOutput Voltage
GDK1002 500W DC/DC PoL Converter500W20-34 Vdc36 Vdc, 28 Vdc, 5.4 Vdc163 x 82 x 24.9 mm
GDK1003 450W DC/DC PoL Converter450W20-34 Vdc28 Vdc, 5.4 Vdc 162 x 82 x 26.8 mm
GDK1004 380W DC/DC PoL Converter380W20-34 Vdc 32 Vdc, 5.4 Vdc120 x 69.1 x 25.6 mm
GDK1005 180W DC/DC PoL Converter180W20-36 Vdc 20 Vdc56 x 45 x 16.14 mm
GDK1006 550W DC/DC PoL Converter550W20-36 Vdc 28 Vdc, 24 Vdc, 12 Vdc, 5 Vdc, -5 Vdc 185 x 110 x 19,05 mm
GDK1007 140W DC/DC PoL Converter140W18-36 Vdc 20 Vdc, 26 Vdc56 x 45 x 18.75 mm