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We want to change the world with power electronics. Not limited to local borders, we aim to expand and change world markets by our innovative and robust products.


Military Power Supplies

Compliant with military standards, KOLT’s field-proven power supplies, being used every day in most demanding environments on our planet.


Life at KOLT

At KOLT, we feel you should be free to tailor your career path. We value the authenticity and individuality of everybody that works here.

We believe that the power of innovation comes from authenticity and hard work. This, together with KOLT’s carefully designed career paths will unleash your potential.



KOLT team showcased our newest solutions at Defense Security and Equipment International at London.

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Your path and our contribution

In KOLT we cherish every unique characteristic that our teammates bring…


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1 July 2020 / News

Introducing Our New Vice President of Technology

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Eyyup DEMİRKUTLU has been assigned to the role of Vice-President

23 June 2020 / News

Introducing Our New Sales Manager

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Fazlı Çağlayan DİKMEN has been appointed as the new Sales Manager for KOLT.He

29 March 2020 / News

Introducing Our New Vice President of Engineering

We are pleased to announce that Efe SIRIMOGLU who has more than 10 years of defence industry experience

6 February 2020 / News

Company Annual Meeting Concluded

KOLT Engineering Inc. yearly evaluation and objectives meeting took place in Crowne Plaza, Ankara. 

5 December 2019 / News

New Research From Our Team

Our team presented their research on stand-alone inverters. on APEC 19

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Power distribution and supply management for missile systems governed by very high-reliability requirements. With optimized architecture and efficient distribution throughout the system, we aim to increase reliability and durability.

KOLT’s solution for onboard power systems designed for distributing, regulating and providing highly efficient electrical power throughout the aircraft system without having any reliability issues when it matters the most.

KOLT’s above or below deck power system solutions designed to distribute, generate and produce electric power to the equipment that uses it. These distribution and supply units also acts like protection modules for the general system.

On-board devices that modern military vehicles have such as sensors, radars, communication systems and weapon systems require robust and highly reliable power systems.

KOLT’s electronic safety and arming units and ignition unit solutions can be integrated most weapon systems. These include but not limited to; Torpedoes, Explosives, Warheads & Engines of missiles, Rockets and Air defense systems.

KOLT’s smart ammunition solutions designed for offensive and defensive usage for firing weapon systems, which have relatively immediate consequences.

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