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Life at KOLT

Life at KOLT

“Your path and our contribution”

“In KOLT we cherish every unique characteristic that our teammates bring.
We believe that building an environment that encourages growth is what makes us great.”


We believe that the power of innovation comes from being yourself and being a hard-worker.


We believe continuous self-development, curiosity and desire to learn more is necessary to success.


Honesty with work relationships and being responsible while not losing humility is essential.

What do Design Engineers at KOLT do?

Designing, simulating and testing. A job with many facets

Daily task of this job covers almost everything an electronics engineer wants. Hands-on tasks for manufacturing problems to writing documentation for customer requirements.

Kübra Çiloğlu

Hardware Design Engineer – KOLT, Ankara HQ

What are your day to day life as a Hardware Design Engineer at KOLT?

Currently, I’ve been designing a military power supply board for a naval military application. This means, mostly my days get spent designing the circuits and layouts of the board itself. But during this designing process, I frequently find myself simulating and checking the test results that my fellow co-workers have done for me.

In KOLT, I can safe to say that you’re not by yourself in any step. There is always someone that looks over your shoulder and ready for help. This company culture is very helpful when you are lost and need someone to solve it out.

I also need to mention that yes, my day includes a lot of coffee and design aspects but yet testing environmental specifications for each individual product (in most cases remote locations) is a big part of what I do here. Documentation to the manufacturing process, designing to testing; my job covers it all.

What challenges do you face every day?

I would say adjusting the customer requirements.

The nature of our company puts me in a direct relationship with respected but demanding military companies in the field. This means, even if your standard product range is available for them, they can ask and change all the little design elements in the product.

This adjusting process needs a lot of learning and self-development while you proceed with your design and stay in the project schedule. This can be challenging sometimes but I look at it as an opportunity to grow.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job ?

Oh plenty of things. But I would say, job satisfaction and self-growth. When I go to work every day I know that whatever I do is going to be a part of a military aircraft or naval ship or maybe even on a rocket missile!

As an engineer I feel satisfied with the responsibility and the natural self-development process when you get into more and more projects. Without trying you get better as an engineer every day.


We make your life easy!

We value and protect the benefits of our employees by initiating and understanding their needs outside the workplace.