Half Brick, 30 A, Active EMI Filter (KMFL05-DC28E-C30-DC40-HB)

Half Brick, 30 A, Active EMI Filter (KMFL05-DC28E-C30-DC40-HB)

Product Description

KMFL05 is an active EMI filter in a Half Brick package.
This unit has;

  • Unique suppression circuitry to clamp surge and spikes
  • Rated for 30 A output current
  • Soft-start feature to limit in-rush
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • ON/OFF control
  • Standby feature to minimize quiescent power
  • Very low DC resistance and low drop-out voltage

Product Properties

Input Voltage

9-40 VDC

Maximum Current

30 A

Filter Type / Clamping Voltage

40 VDC


Half Brick


F: Flanged
H: Half Threaded