High Reliability Solid Body Fuse Data Sheet

High Reliability Solid Body Fuse Data Sheet

Product Description


  • Thick film fusible element construction with glass arc suppressing system
  • Designed and screened specifically for high reliability applications where failure is not an option
  • QPL approved to MIL-PRF-23419/12
  • Manufactured and screened entirely in AEM’s San Diego Facility
  • Material and process traceability maintained for all fuse products (Group A and B screening and data standard)
  • Supplied with gold plated or Sn/Pb terminal finishes


  • Military and commercial satellites and spacecraft
  • Protection of power supplies, batteries, and solar arrays
  • Isolation of redundant and branch circuits
  • Short circuit protection of squib and jettison circuitry
  • Available in matched set configurations for higher current applications

Product Properties


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