SM1206 High Reliability Solid Body Fuses

SM1206 High Reliability Solid Body Fuses

Product Description


  • Consistent clearing times achieved at overload currents regardless of vacuum conditions
  • Solid body construction without outgassing and not subjected to the de-rating factors of MIL-STD-975
  • Solid body construction capable of withstanding greater vibration and shock exposure without damage
  • Positive temperature coefficient of fuse element causing resistance to increase (prior to opening) thereby preventing absolute short to the power source
  • Internal construction ensuring that arc plasma and vapor are contained within the fuse package during overload current conditions
  • Groups A/B data supplied with each shipment and Group C inspection optional


  • Used in military and commercial satellites and spacecraft including manned space vehicles
  • Protection of power supplies, batteries and solar arrays
  • Isolation of redundant and branch circuits
  • Short circuit protection from fired squib and jettison circuitry

Product Properties


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