Three Phase Naval 440 VAC AC DC Power Supply

Three Phase Naval 440 VAC AC DC Power Supply

Product Description

KMPS03 is a high efficiency and rugged power supply to keep you running in many tough military and naval applications. No neutral wire is required for the power supply to draw nearly sinusoidal current and provide a power factor (PF) close to unity. The PFC topology for high front-end efficiency and high power quality. An isolated DC/DC converter delivers power to all types of military loads using the state of the art interfacing components. KMPS03 is fully protected against all kinds of faults and disturbances providing reliable operation in the field.

Product Properties

Input Voltage

AC3D440: 3-Phase Delta 440 VAC


P7K5: 7.5 kW

Output Voltage

DC12: 12 VDC DC15: 15 VDC DC28: 28 VDC DC36: 36 VDC DC48: 48 VDC DC270: 270 VDC


EN: Enclosed


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