Single Phase Battery Charger 1.5 kW

Single Phase Battery Charger 1.5 kW

Product Description

KMBC02 is a high efficiency and rugged multifunction AC/DC converter unit that can be operated as a power supply unit and a battery charger. It is designed to guarantee high performance in both modes under extreme environmental conditions. It has superior protection features against external faults and disturbances while meeting the major military standarts. KOLT’s innovative engineering has enabled a compact design of the converter with high power density and performance.

Product Properties

Input Voltage

AC1UNV: Single Phase Universal 90-265 VAC


P1K5: 1.5 kW

Output Voltage

DC12: 12 VDC DC15: 15 VDC DC28: 28 VDC DC36: 36 VDC DC48: 48 VDC DC270: 270 VDC


EN: Enclosed


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